I really enjoy science communication. To me, it is so important for scientists to publish and share their work in ways that isn’t only for other scientists. Through interviews, talks and videos, I try to explain my research in accessible ways, in the hope of engaging people with science and increasing the reach and impact of my findings.


Evolution Education Trust Seminar. 2021. “Advancing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in a Vulnerable Archipelago”.

BBC Radio 4’s Inside Science show. 2019 & 2020. I was interviewed twice on my PhD research on roads and British bird populations. (My parts start around 20 and 7 minutes in.)


Galápagos Conservation Trust’s Galápagos Day. 2019. “An archipelago invaded: a tale of ticks, traps and tenacity” (invited speaker). A review of this talk is published here.


King’s College Cambridge 50th Anniversary Reunion Dinner. 2019. “Assessing the contribution of road traffic to declines in British bird populations” (invited speaker).

Zoology Department Alumni Festival, University of Cambridge, UK. 2016. “The impacts of roads on British bird populations” (short talk, part of the Future of Zoology symposium).


Galapagos Conservation Trust Blog. 2022. Catalysing community action for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

King’s College Newsletter. 2021. King’s CRA helps launch new Sustainability Hub in Galápagos.

University of Cambridge’s Women in STEM series. 2019. You can find my feature here.

The Guardian. 2020. ‘We’ve covered huge swathes of the UK in tarmac’: how roads affect birds

The Conversation. 2020. How bird life may be affected by roads – and what to do about it.

BTO News. 2020. Road Testing

Transport Ecology Blog. 2020. Could roads be simplifying bird communities?

British Ornithologists’ Union Blog. 2019. Road-related complications of bird surveys

Galapagos Conservation Trust Blog. 2018. The introduced smooth-billed ani

Scottish Ornithologists’ Club’s The Hoot. 2020. Email Feature

Research in a nutshell

I produced a 5-minute video to explain the main findings of one of my Ph.D. papers, published in Nature Communications.


I am also an editor of, a website providing research summaries and information on the impacts of roads, railways and other types of linear infrastructure.

ID charts

As a bit of fun, I also produced this chart, to help people ID corvid species in the UK, which proved very popular on twitter. I am planning to make a few more!